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Interview: Shay Jordan

By: GenesisMagazine Editors

A.K.A : Nani Forrester, Shya Jaden
Country: Philippines
Enthnicity: Caucasian
Height : 5'6 / 170cm
Hair : Brown
Bust Size : 34C
Date of Birth : November 17, 1985
Biography: Coming Soon

Enjoy our candid Shay Jordan interview

We first met the gorgeous Digital Playground contract star when she had her public coming out party (so to speak) at this year's adult convention in Las Vegas. It was lust at first sight! This exotic and erotic newbie is one of those rare starlets who gets your rod hard just thinking about her. All natural with a 34C-24-34 body, tall (5'7") with legs stretching all the way to heaven, this young Asian and German hybrid of sexuality is both world and pragmatic, far exceeding her 21 years on this earth. We caught up with the stunning brunette and found out beauty isn't only skin deep with this future superstar!


Genesis: Please, introduce your gorgeous self and tell your fans a little about you.


Shay Jordan: Hello, my name is Shay Jordan, but I like to go by 'Shay J.' I'm 21 and a half, and under contract to the best production studio ever, Digital Playground. I'm also a Scorpio and I love sex. Duh! I measure 34-26-30 and I have an all-natural C cup.


Genesis: Before we really get started, let me know what turns you off so I don't blow this interview.


Shay Jordan: I find stupidity annoying, but cigarettes and bad hygiene are the only things that really turn me off.


Genesis: Well, if I act stupid, it's only because you're gorgeous and want to eat you. What do you do to keep that super hot little porn star body?


Shay Jordan: I try to eat right and work out as much as I can, but it's hard because I'm naturally lazy.


Genesis: I think your regimen is working for me. What turns you on Shay?


Shay Jordan: I love to laugh, so really good humor, a fun and silly personality, cute smile and good hygiene. If you have all of that going for you, it's on!


Genesis: If you've ever read our magazine, you'll notice that there are advertisements everywhere for penis growing pills and pumps. What do you think about this? Does size matter?


Shay Jordan: Well, I am bi-sexual so size definitely doesn't matter. My girlfriend doesn't even have a penis and she's amazing. If I could design my own though, I would want one that is eight inches hard and not very thick – more like an aspirin bottle than a beer can. Oh, and circumcised please. I'm not sure what to do with extra skin.


Genesis: Okay, job interview time. Where do you see yourself five years from now?


Shay Jordan: Further along in my career. I'd like to be more well-known by fans—very successful, a true superstar.


Genesis: So just about every girl in porn wants to be contract girl. How did you land yours with Digital Playground?


Shay Jordan: I gave [director] Robby D. a blowjob and let him tag team me with his woman. (Laughs) Just kidding. Seriously, I was doing girl/girl only for a talent agent and right when I decided I would do boy/girl, Digital Playground snagged me and cast me in a movie with five scenes. I guess they liked what they saw, because they offered me a contract right away. I was totally shocked. I still am! Most girls have to go through so much crap before they find their place in this industry. Signing with them is the best thing I've ever done—not just in this career, but in my life.


Genesis: What is your favorite movie you've starred in so far?


Shay Jordan: All-American Girl, because it was all about me! I was in five scenes, and did b/g, g/g and solo. Everything was unique and different and it was completely horny.


Genesis: Who is your favorite guy to work with so far?


Shay Jordan: I love working with Scott Nails. We have great chemistry with each other and with the camera, so our scenes look amazing. He's the first guy I ever worked with and he made me cum. It just works.


Genesis: Who is your favorite girl to work with?


Shay Jordan: Honestly, Jesse Jane. She is wild and crazy just like me. She's fun and she doesn't hold back. She is really bisexual and it's obvious. It never feels like we are working. They keep casting us in scenes together because we just vibe with one another.


Genesis: Is there something besides your crazy sex drive that led you into the adult industry?


Shay Jordan: I love being in front of the camera and I love being naked. I'm comfortable with my body and I love to use my sex in fun, playful ways.


Genesis: Did you enjoy porn before you started doing movies yourself and do you watch your scenes now?


Shay Jordan: I have always loved porn. I have never watched an entire scene, but I will watch bits and pieces. It usually ends up turning me on. I like it.


Genesis: Is there anyone you want to work with that you haven't been cast with yet?


Shay Jordan: Yeah! I am dying to work with Sophia, Teagan and Jana—all my fellow contract girls. They are only the hottest girls out there. I've been begging. You know when it finally happens it's going to be crazy because the build up alone is intense.


Genesis: Do you do anything to prepare before a scene?


Shay Jordan: No. I'm usually excited. I get juiced up and super psyched.


Genesis: Lube or no lube?

Shay Jordan: I like really slippery lube, but it has to be water based.


Genesis: Do you masturbate?


Shay Jordan: Um, duh! All day. (Laughs) I like vibrators because they get me off really fast. Then I have time to do it again. (Laughs)


Genesis: Do you date porn guys, celebrities, fans or just regular civilian types?


Shay Jordan: I never really thought about it. I would go out with anyone who interested me. I'm not particular about silly stuff.


Genesis: And what would a guy have to do to land a date with the Shay Jordan?


Shay Jordan: Be really funny, silly, dorky, off-the-wall, and different. If you make me laugh, I'll want to hang out with you. I love surprises. If someone took the time to plan out an entire night of surprises for me, that would be awesome. It could be simple like a picnic or crazy like a helicopter ride. The whole concept of planning something is great.


Genesis: How do you spend your free time when you aren't busy working?


Shay Jordan: I love to cook. I have a degree from San Diego Culinary Institute. I love to watch movies and chill out. I love my dog.


Genesis: Does your family or old friends know what you do and what was their reaction?


Shay Jordan: They are finding out and mostly okay with it. It's my life and I don't bring it home.


Genesis: What is the most memorable, hottest sex you have ever had in your life?


Shay Jordan: It was my first lesbian experience. I was at my friend's house. They were having a party and we went upstairs into an empty bedroom while the party was going on. I'd never been with a girl before so it felt a little bit taboo. It was hot and wild and I will never forget it as long as I live.


Genesis: We know they're making a Pirates II. Are you in it? What is your role and when is it releasing?


Shay Jordan: Of course I'm in it, but I can't really tell you more than that right now. It's going to be amazing, so be patient! D


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